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They say there are only strategy, management, operations, financial advisory, human resource or IT consultants. We respectfully disagree.

We'd like to add another category. Ad-Praeforari™ consulting. We instigate the future. Here is how we do that.

Advisory / Evaluation Services
For the last 18 years, we have helped Individual, institutional, venture and private investment groups determine the viability of a product, service, or technology before these entities do any investment.

Futurists / Trend spotters:
Our track record for success is proof of our skill at spotting trends before they become trends.

Our daily work:
Research, Development, Evaluation and Testing (RDET™) (RDE&T™) is where earn our living.

Notice: Security concerns and Securities and Exchange Commission Regulations mean we cannot divulge the names our clients, or the nature of our relationship with them.

Building things once thought impossible.™